Jobs that offer flexibility, stability and opportunity for growth.

Our global community consists of hundreds of skilled individuals with access to fair wage digital work. Because our community is structured like a traditional workforce, researchers have the opportunity to develop essential skills in technology, earn promotions, work in teams and become a valuable member of LeadGenius. Researchers are given flexibility, stability and opportunity for career growth.

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The percentage of researchers with a college degree.

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The number of researchers supporting 3 or more people.


The percentage of women representing our global community.

“All of us feel proud to be part of this community and strive to be better and better each single day.”


“The best part is meeting a lot of people from all around the globe, being able to share the culture, and that no matter how different it is, we try to adapt and meet halfway on everything.”


“I love how the team leaders really try to be there for you and help you. They always seem to be looking out for you in some way and I really appreciate that.”


Good Work Code

LeadGenius is one of the 12 leaders of the Good Work movement. We believe in the future of work that focuses on equity and efficiency.

“LeadGenius was founded to provide opportunities to underemployed communities, and we have embraced these values from the beginning. The rapid growth of LeadGenius is proof that companies do not have to compromise growth, pro tability, and industry-leading products for fair work values.”

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

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