SMB Targeting Strategy for Inside Sales

eBay uses LeadGenius to test new verticals and identify the right sellers for their platform.

2 years ago, eBay did not have a North American inside sales team. To build that team from scratch, eBay needed to quickly map the entire North American eCommerce market, then test and iterate on targeting strategies to scale as fast as possible.

Trust. Efficiency. Strategic insights. Scale.

In the video below, John Kelly, Head of Sales at eBay Marketplaces, discusses why LeadGenius is the enterprise solution of choice for high-quality B2B lead generation and go-to-market insights.

The majority of businesses selling on eBay are SMBs. The key to effectively targeting SMBs at scale is sales velocity: moving more qualified buyers through the sales process faster.

From a productivity perspective, eBay needed their sales reps spending less time hunting for key information about their prospects and wasting less time on bad contact data. Accurate lead data is needed to make the selling cycle shorter and more efficient. eBay wants to find users who are most likely to see success quickly so a sales rep can get them onboarded, then move on to the next prospect.

After a few months of working with eBay, LeadGenius reviewed the early results of eBay’s sales strategy and offered suggestions to optimize targeting. LeadGenius recommended a higher contact-per-account approach as well as a multi-touch messaging strategy that ultimately proved very effective for eBay’s audience. In this way, LeadGenius helped inform the overall success of eBay’s inside sales strategy. Close rates increased and eBay’s sales organization continues to grow.


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