Optimized Campaigns with Custom Data

About Intercom

Intercom builds a suite of messaging-first products that all modern internet businesses can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement, and support.

Intercom has raised $241M in venture funding and has over 450+ employees across its San Francisco headquarters and Dublin, London, Chicago, and Sydney offices. Today, Intercom is used by the world’s most forward-thinking companies—84% of Y-Combinator companies that use a messaging or live chat tool use Intercom. Customers include larger companies like New Relic, Sotheby’s, and Shopify, and smaller companies like Airtable and Coda.

The Challenge

Intercom globally offers a messaging solution to multiple personas at a competitive price point.  Although the business already has over 30,000 customers, it’s just a fraction of the market opportunity Intercom is tackling.   Quickly capturing market share with limited sales resources could not be accomplished by having the sales team sift through multiple bulk data subscription sources in order to identify the right prospects to target.  Instead, the sales team needed to receive a steady stream of ideal prospects that were pre-filtered, with key data elements that were validated by a team of researchers.

The Solution

Scaling sales outreach was critical and required a flexible, nimble, and measurable approach to boosting sales rep productivity. David Carr, Intercom’s Head of Sales Operations, recognized the need to work with a consultative partner capable of augmenting bulk data sources so that the sales team could spend less time compiling data.

Working closely with LeadGenius data consultants, the top of funnel prospecting process was broken down and reconstructed so the sales team could spend more time focused on the ideal customer profiles. LeadGenius researchers and project managers in both North America and EMEA served as the filtering and human validation component that delivered the accurate and actionable data to the sales team.  Time-consuming data elements sourced by the LeadGenius team included verification that a firm’s website included a “book a demo” or an active chatbot functionality. To support account-based marketing strategies, key personas with non-standard titles were revealed and direct mail addresses were selectively verified. To date, Intercom’s marketing team has saved 462 hours by having LeadGenius’ researchers enrich and verify 12,481 contacts for their ABM campaigns.

The Results

Intercom’s global sales team has saved 3,714 hours by having LeadGenius enrich 6,895 accounts with 32,513 contacts, which allows the sales team to spend more time qualifying viable prospects instead of tediously researching which companies and personas should be approached. The net result is a measurable lift in engagement per rep an ultimately more revenue per rep.   LeadGenius consultants are leveraged in the planning stages of each new sales effort to ensure a data strategy helps optimize campaign effectiveness.


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