How LeadGenius Can Help Social Influencer Marketing Companies

Instagram is by far the platform of choice for Influencer marketing for obvious reasons…over 2.3 billion users, global market representation (over 85% of Instagram users are outside the USA) and 79% of users are between 18-44 years old. But Instagram is not the only platform where Influencers reign supreme, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitch are a hotbed as well. Marketers have a free, global resource at their fingertips with social media platforms, but working smart to find the right influencers to represent a brand is time consuming and costly unless outsourced to a specialized partner.

The Challenge

A high end fashion and accessory brand leverages LeadGenius to find social media influencers with the following criteria:

  • Over X number of followers.
  • Specific categories – music, fashion, electronics, etc..
  • X number of personal videos they are posting per month to their audience. This shows the Influencer is personally interacting with their audience.
  • Photographers, but not landscape photographers, only photographers that take pics with people in them.
  • Video bloggers and influencers that focus on a specific niche, such as selling products online.

The Solution

The LeadGenius research team developed a tailored algorithm that scans any social media platform and delivers users who meet specific criteria. To further hone in on the ideal influencers, LeadGenius researchers review a variety of attributes on each influencer in a way that only a human can decipher. This blend of tailored technology and human validation is typical of the influencer sourcing projects that LeadGenius is uniquely equipped to deliver at scale to brand marketers. Within the first six months LeadGenius delivered over 100,000 influencers to the client who in turn directly generated over $500,000 in revenue. LeadGenius continues to deliver influencers and monitors existing influencers to make sure they are staying within the parameters of the initial criteria.


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