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What if you could take the same data everyone else has and personalize it with smarter and more actionable insights that your competitors don’t have? What if that meant less searching and more selling?
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Proprietary Technology to Source All the Data You Need

Most (horizontal) data companies have a general-purpose web crawler to scrape for standard data fields around accounts and contacts. LeadGenius has developed a personalized crawler that can be configured for individual projects to acquire custom and vertical-specific data at scale. This technology requires no coding and comes with use-case specific libraries that can be tailored to your precise ICP criteria.

This unique approach to data acquisition makes LeadGenius the only company to offer vertical data sets and dynamic signals at scale.
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find e-commerce shops, marketplace data and online stores

LeadGenius Dashboard to Orchestrate Data Personalization for Your Entire Team

The LeadGenius Dashboard is a self service tool to make complex data requests and analyze results. Collaborate with your team on TAM analysis, data segment criteria and data performance internally. If needed, chat with your LeadGenius data team from the same portal. Blend intent signals with custom data attributes and run data operations or custom enrichments on different segments.

Visualize and measure the completeness, accuracy, and engagement performance of your entire database, segments and individual data points.

Extensible Team that Saves You Valuable Research and Validation Time

LeadGenius has mastered the art of blending humans and machines to uncover hard to find data. At LeadGenius every project is assigned a dedicated data scientist and account manager well versed in best practices, compliance, and data strategy optimization.

Each researcher is equipped with proprietary tool stack from LeadGenius and undergoes certification and training for sourcing and validating unstructured, hard-to-find data.

LeadGenius team consists of 400+ researchers in 40+ countries speaking 28+ languages. This powerful community enables LeadGenius to be leaps ahead of any other data vendors, especially when it comes to International Data.
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Use Our Custom Data API and Signals API to Fuel Your Enterprise Workflows

LeadGenius provides easy to use APIs to support all kinds of standard and custom data needs. This is the only API in the market that supports custom data extraction and enrichment. Now you don’t need to be limited with the limited breadth offered by off the shelf (horizontal) data vendors. Use this API to fuel your complex enterprise workflows or market intelligence tools with custom B2B Data, purpose built for your business model.