Sales Automation in Real-Time With a Single Click using and Flow by LeadGenius

​Spend less time researching and more time on meaningful conversations. ​​

Meet your goals faster by automating the time-consuming and repetitive sales, marketing, and customer success tasks that stifle productivity… ​

​Integrate with the tools you already use, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Outreach, Groove, ZoomInfo, Crunchbase, Owler, etc. etc. ​ ​

Find data in real-time with a single click. Easily drive growth and become more efficient by eliminating your busywork. ​ ​

Flow can quickly complete your day-to-day tasks: ​

  • finding prospects
  • ​verifying their emails
  • adding these prospects to your current tools, and many more… ​ ​

Flow is a purpose built “rep-level”, “individual contributor” tool that can integrate into your personal sales and marketing tech stack right away without a corporate contract or master service agreement… ​

 [ Video Transcript ]

So you’re in outreach and you’re going after different pocket accounts and you need to find the right prospects to go after at those accounts.  Flow, of course can help from within an account view. 

Click on flow, and you’ve got a couple of options you can search for prospects using regular LinkedIn or using Sales Navigator.

The steps are the same for both. So let’s just start with regular LinkedIn finding the right people is as simple as doing a title search. Let’s say I want VPs of sales and since I covered this account, I’m going to keep my region global. Since I already have prospects for this account, I do want to make sure that I’m not pulling in and it duplicates. So I’ll leave check for duplicates on. Then I hit run stream.

In real time we’re going to pull down results from LinkedIn to show you exactly who is still employed at this company and who also matches your title query. We’re also going to show you a confidence score of if you actually already have this person in outreach.

It looks like there’s a couple of VPs of sales that I want here. So I’m going to multi-select and then click to get all their contact information when I get the results. And I like what I see, I can click on add new contact and it goes right into outreach,  and here’s Amy.  Now I can sequence her

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