Use LinkedIn and Sales Navigator With Flow by LeadGenius

Source hard to find B2B lead email and direct-dial phone contact data.

[ Video Transcript]

You’re using LinkedIn and sales navigator all the time. Find the right people who are currently employed at your target accounts problem is of course LinkedIn and sales nav. They don’t show you their emails and phone numbers, but flow can.

I’m looking at Mark, love selling to CEOs. He’s someone I definitely need to talk to. I’m going to click on flow at the bottom right part of my screen, click on get contact information. Make sure I select that I want his phone number and I hit run stream.

In real time we’re going to pull back Mark’s email, his phone numbers. Of course his LinkedIn profile, giving you all the details you need to reach out. And then I can add all those details directly to my CRM or my sales automation tool.

Same thing goes for sales navigator, click on flow, get contact information from the stream. Boom. There we go.

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