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May 23, 2024

In today's digital-first landscape, advertising data stands as a beacon, illuminating the path for businesses seeking to target Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) with precision and efficacy. As the VP of Demand Generation for LeadGenius, I've seen firsthand the power of leveraging bespoke data to not only identify the right SMB targets but also to understand the nuances of their advertising behavior across different social platforms. The data concerning an SMB's advertising habits offers a wealth of insights, serving as a beacon for those looking to fine-tune their targeting approach in a sea of endless possibilities. This approach is not just about reaching out; it's about connecting in ways that are both meaningful and impactful.

Understanding SMBs through Advertising Data

Analyzing advertising data provides a multidimensional view of SMBs, revealing not just their current marketing efforts but also their potential needs and the platforms where they are most engaged. Here's how specific data points can guide your strategy:

  • Presence on Social Platforms (Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok): Knowing whether an SMB advertises on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok offers a glimpse into their marketing strategies and target audiences. A "Yes" in these categories suggests that the SMB values social media engagement and could be receptive to DM outreach on these platforms.
  • Estimated Monthly Ad Spend Range: This range helps in gauging the SMB's investment in advertising and its potential scale of operations. For instance, companies spending $5,000 - $10,000 monthly are likely experiencing or aiming for significant growth, making them prime candidates for personalized outreach.
  • Specific Platform Ad Spend (Facebook, Google AdWords): Detailed spend figures on platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords indicate where the SMBs are focusing their marketing efforts and budgets. A high spend on Facebook and Instagram, for example, suggests a strategy centered around these platforms' vast and diverse user bases.
  • Active Video Ads on Google/Youtube: A "Yes" here signifies the SMB's commitment to engaging customers through dynamic content, highlighting their innovative approach to marketing. Such companies might be more open to creative and multimedia outreach strategies.
  • Total Number of LinkedIn Ads: Understanding the volume of LinkedIn ads can reveal how heavily an SMB invests in professional networking sites, indicating their B2B focus and potentially their openness to partnerships and professional services.
  • Number of Active Facebook/Instagram Ads: A high number of active ads on these platforms signals an SMB's aggressive pursuit of customer engagement and brand visibility, suggesting they value innovative and targeted marketing solutions.
Advertising Spend data points

Leveraging Advertising Data for Targeted Outreach

Armed with this advertising data, businesses can craft tailored outreach strategies that resonate with the unique characteristics and preferences of each SMB. Here are actionable insights for leveraging this data:

  1. Platform-Specific Messaging: Customize your messaging based on the platforms where an SMB is most active. For companies heavily invested in Facebook and Instagram, use casual, visually appealing content. For LinkedIn-focused SMBs, adopt a more professional and direct approach.
  2. Bespoke Solutions Offering: Highlight how your services can enhance their existing advertising efforts or address gaps in their strategy. For SMBs with significant ad spends but potentially low engagement, offer insights into optimizing ad performance and reaching untapped audiences.
  3. Data-Driven Proposals: Use their advertising spend and platform preferences to inform your proposals, suggesting targeted campaigns or data insights that align with their marketing objectives.
  4. Creative Outreach: For SMBs leveraging video ads on YouTube, consider using video pitches or creative multimedia content in your DMs to stand out and demonstrate your understanding of their marketing approach.
  5. Focus on ROI: Emphasize how your bespoke data services can offer a better return on investment (ROI) than their current ad spend, particularly for those investing heavily across multiple platforms.

Building Powerful Audiences with Advertising Data

The strategic analysis of ad spend data allows for the construction of highly targeted audiences, tailor-made for effective DM outreach and social selling. Here's how to leverage this data:

  1. Segmentation by Platform Engagement: Group SMBs based on their active advertising platforms. This enables personalized messaging that aligns with their preferred digital spaces, increasing the relevance and impact of your outreach.
  2. Tailoring Messages by Ad Spend Insights: Use ad spend ranges and specific spends to customize your pitch. Highlight how your services can optimize their spend, enhance their digital presence, or expand their reach, making your proposal directly relevant to their current efforts.
  3. Innovative Engagement Strategies: Identify SMBs with high engagement in video advertising or those running a large number of ads. These businesses may be more receptive to innovative outreach strategies, including video pitches or interactive content.
  4. Focusing on High-Potential Targets: Prioritize SMBs with significant ad spends on platforms where your services can offer the most value. This focus ensures that your outreach efforts are concentrated where they can make the most impact, enhancing ROI for both parties.
  5. Custom Audience Creation for Retargeting: Utilize ad spend data to create custom audiences for your digital campaigns, targeting SMBs with tailored ads that speak directly to their needs and advertising behaviors.

Example data set


In conclusion, advertising data provides a treasure trove of insights into SMBs' marketing strategies, preferences, and potential needs. By analyzing this data, businesses can develop targeted, platform-specific outreach strategies that resonate deeply with SMBs, driving engagement, and fostering meaningful connections. In the era of bespoke data, understanding and leveraging the nuances of SMB advertising behavior is not just strategic—it's essential for building successful, lasting relationships in the digital marketplace.

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