How OpenAI Poached Top Tier AI Talent and Where They Have Been Hunting

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March 25, 2024

Within just two months of launching its ChatGPT product, OpenAI amassed more than 100 million users, but what’s driving this success? Well, it’s all about the talent.

As we know, big tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon have been engaged in a fierce battle for the best tech talent, but OpenAI is now the one to watch. They have been on a poaching spree, attracting top talent from Google and other industry leaders to build their incredible team of employees and leaders.

So, what kind of people are joining OpenAI? We analyzed their 736 employees and found that most of them are expats from big tech companies, with 389 coming from tech hardware and software firms. Notably, Google contributed the most with 124 former employees now at OpenAI.

However, what’s surprising is that 39 of their key employees hailed from financial services firms like JP Morgan, Robinhood, and UBS. This influx of experienced professionals from the FinTech sector indicates the potential for AI disruption in the financial industry.

Open AI poached talent from these companies

This brain drain from big tech to OpenAI begs the question: has Big Tech become too slow and lethargic, more focused on process than outcomes? Is OpenAI the torchbearer for a new generation of tech companies?

An analysis of the leadership team at OpenAI reveals two key principles. Firstly, the company is assembling a team with a track record for building value, not just valuations. Their leadership comprises individuals with a deep history of pragmatic, high-revenue growth at companies like Google, Stripe, and JP Morgan.

Secondly, OpenAI is an example of how startups are evolving from dorm room operations to boardroom enterprises. The leadership has experience creating beautifully designed products that can change the world, but they’re doing so by fostering innovation across industries with real-world ROI.

Overall, OpenAI is shaking up the tech industry and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with their impressive talent pool. As a new player, they have already achieved significant success, and it’ll be fascinating to see whether the sleeping giants will awaken or be left behind in their wake.

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