The Power of Multithreading in Sales: How to Drastically Improve Your Win Rates

Multi-threading in sales
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April 19, 2024

In the high-stakes world of sales, multithreading has emerged as a pivotal strategy for deepening account penetration and significantly boosting win rates. With statistics showing a leap from an 8% win rate with 1-2 contacts to a staggering 39% when engaging with 6 or more contacts, the imperative for a broad and diverse engagement strategy within deals is clearer than ever. This blog explores how to get multithreaded in a deal, integrating insights from Modern Sales Pros and practical strategies to expand your influence across potential stakeholder landscapes.

Early Engagement via LinkedIn

Begin by connecting with potential stakeholders on LinkedIn, even before formal introductions. This preemptive strategy helps expand your network within target accounts before gatekeepers can limit access, laying the groundwork for broader account penetration.

Utilizing SDRs for Broad Account Coverage

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) play a crucial role in multithreading, engaging various stakeholders across the account. This approach ensures that the responsibility for multithreading doesn’t solely rest on the primary seller, facilitating broader account coverage.

Proactive Discovery with Champions

Empower your champions within client organizations to identify and engage other stakeholders. This strategy leverages existing relationships to gather intelligence and introduce additional influencers and decision-makers to the conversation, enriching the engagement ecosystem.

LinkedIn Connections as Awareness Building

Use LinkedIn connections to subtly build awareness among stakeholders, crafting simple messages that prompt curiosity and potential engagement without the direct pressure of a sales pitch.

Suggest Involvement of Relevant Personas

Recommend the involvement of personas typically associated with your type of solution, such as marketing leaders for sales playbooks. This ensures that all relevant perspectives are represented, enriching the decision-making process.

Comprehensive Approach: Top-Down, Middle-Out, Bottom-Up

Employ a holistic approach by engaging stakeholders at all levels simultaneously. This strategy prevents bottlenecks and gatekeeping that can stymie deal progress, ensuring fluid communication channels across the organizational hierarchy.

Sales Leadership Guidance

It's crucial for sales leaders to set clear expectations and manage Account Executives (AEs) towards effective multithreading, establishing it as a norm early in the sales process. Leaders can facilitate this by removing outdated practices and integrating technologies that simplify contact management.

Continuous Pipeline Review

Encourage sales reps to regularly review their pipeline, ensuring an adequate number of contacts per opportunity. This proactive engagement strategy is critical for maintaining a diversified and healthy pipeline.

Data-Driven Approach

Back your multithreading strategies with data that underscores its importance. Statistical evidence can be a powerful motivator for adopting more comprehensive engagement tactics.

Identifying the Ideal Decision-Making Teams

Help sales teams identify the ideal decision-making teams for your offerings. Understanding the typical buyer personas involved simplifies the identification and engagement process, making multithreading efforts more targeted and effective.

Analyzing Successful Deals

Study successful deals to understand the decision-making dynamics involved. This analysis can reveal crucial insights into which roles are influential, what concerns need addressing, and what factors contribute to a successful sale.

Building a Solid Foundation

Provide sales teams with a solid foundation by thoroughly understanding the decision-making dynamics within target accounts. A well-prepared seller can more effectively plan and execute a multithreading strategy, leading to higher win rates.

The Art of Confusion: Beeswarm Strategy

A strategic approach involves engaging at all levels - top-down, middle-out, and bottom-up - simultaneously. This "beeswarm" tactic ensures that no single gatekeeper can stymie your engagement efforts, enhancing your ability to navigate complex account hierarchies.


Multithreading isn’t just a sales technique; it’s a comprehensive strategy that requires thoughtful planning, execution, and leadership support. By broadening your engagement across multiple contacts and levels within a target account, you not only improve your win rates but also deepen your account penetration and build stronger, more resilient relationships. As we step into an era where sales complexity and customer expectations are higher than ever, embracing multithreading could very well be the difference between winning and losing. Happy selling!

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