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March 25, 2024


A leading outsourced finance and accounting services firm providing financial management services to nonprofits, faced a challenge common in their sector: managing the risk of delinquent payments from less stable nonprofit clients. They needed a way to enhance their client selection process to focus on more durable nonprofits with stable funding sources.


The primary challenge the firm was identifying which nonprofits had reliable, long-term funding, particularly from government sources. The lack of comprehensive and accurate data led to an inefficient allocation of resources and increased financial risk from delinquent accounts.


The firm partnered with LeadGenius to source exclusive data sets on nonprofits receiving government funding. LeadGenius provided detailed insights, and data on when and if a nonprofit had received government funding. This data allowed the firm to:

1. Segment nonprofits More Effectively: Classifying nonprofits based on the stability and reliability of their funding sources.

2. Reduce Delinquency Rates: By focusing on nonprofits with stable government funding, the firm significantly reduced the incidence of delinquent payments.

3. Optimize Resource Allocation: The finance team could focus their efforts on serving durable nonprofits, enhancing overall service quality and efficiency.


The partnership yielded significant improvements for the firm:

1. Reduced Delinquency: There was a noticeable decrease in delinquent payments due to better targeting of stable nonprofits.

2. Increased Efficiency: The finance team was able to reallocate their efforts towards strategic advising and support for their clients, rather than managing delinquencies.

3. Enhanced Reputation: By partnering with more stable nonprofits, BTQ enhanced its market reputation as a reliable and strategic financial management provider.

Further Applications:

The success experienced by the firm demonstrates the value of LeadGenius's data for various industries and businesses. Others that might benefit include:

1. Grant Writing and Consulting Firms: Identifying potential clients with stable funding for more focused service offerings.

2. Market Research Firms: Understanding funding flows and patterns for sector-specific research.

3. Financial Institutions: Tailoring financial products and services for nonprofits with stable government funding.

4. Philanthropic Organizations: Making informed decisions about grant allocations based on the financial stability of potential recipients.

5. Technology and Software Providers: Focusing on nonprofits with the budget and need for specific technology solutions.


The firm's strategic use of LeadGenius's data represents a transformative approach to client selection and resource allocation. This partnership not only enhanced BTQ's operational efficiency and financial stability but also underscored the potential of precise data in steering businesses towards more sustainable and profitable practices. As similar challenges pervade various sectors, the model established by the firm and LeadGenius offers a valuable blueprint for leveraging data to drive informed business decisions.

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