Where does 6Sense help or hurt?

Account Data
Intent Data
April 19, 2024

6Sense is best deployed in environments where businesses have a broad and diverse market to serve, particularly those operating on a national or global scale, and those in sectors such as technology, B2B services, and complex, high-value product markets. Its strength lies in leveraging AI and big data to uncover hidden buyer behaviors, predict sales timing, and identify accounts showing buying signals across various digital channels. This allows companies to engage with prospects earlier in the buyer journey, personalize marketing efforts more effectively, and align sales and marketing teams around in-market buyers.

Why 6sense Excels:

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategies: For companies executing ABM, 6Sense provides deep insights into account behavior, enabling highly targeted, personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Large Sales Territories or Diverse Markets: Its predictive analytics and intent data are valuable for companies with extensive sales territories, helping them prioritize efforts and resources efficiently.
  • Complex Sales Cycles: Organizations with longer, more complex sales cycles benefit from 6sense’s ability to identify and track buyer stages, facilitating timely and relevant engagement.

Limitations for Regional Businesses with Small Addressable Markets:

  • Cost vs. ROI: The investment in 6Sense might not justify the returns for small or regional businesses due to its sophisticated (and correspondingly priced) capabilities designed for larger scale operations.
  • Data Overload: Smaller businesses may find the breadth of data and insights generated by 6sense overwhelming, given a more straightforward customer journey or a smaller, more defined target audience.
  • Simplified Marketing Needs: Regional businesses often rely on direct, localized marketing strategies that may not require the advanced predictive analytics and account identification features of 6Sense. In such cases, simpler, more cost-effective tools could be more appropriate.
  • Limited Global Reach Requirement: Since 6Sense excels in identifying and engaging with prospects across a wide geographical area, businesses with a focused regional scope may not fully utilize its global reach capabilities.

In essence, while 6Sense is a powerful tool for companies looking to scale their marketing efforts and dive deep into account-based marketing strategies, its sophisticated platform and the scale at which it operates may not align with the needs, or justify the investment, of regional businesses with a smaller, more localized addressable market.

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