“LeadGenius helped us focus our sales resources on the things that are most critical.”

LeadGenius helped Signifyd scale from seed to Series C. They recently raised $56 million from notable investors such as Bain Capital Ventures, Menlo Ventures, and American Express, while growing their headcount by a factor of 12.

Signifyd protects Ecommerce merchants from losses by transferring liabilities for any fraudulent purchases from the merchant to Signifyd. Signifyd provides guaranteed fraud protection to some of the largest retailers in the world, such as Crown & Caliber, Jet.com and Wayfair, as well as SMBs.

Over the past 3 years, their ideal customer profile has changed and grown, shaped by the insights provided by LeadGenius. Not only did Signifyd’s highly sophisticated ideal customer profile change over time, they also used LeadGenius to create custom campaigns. For example, targeting small online business with Amazon store fronts.

LeadGenius has helped Signifyd track down key personas across 100+ different title variations, across multiple departments. This requires highly manual in-depth research with human validation for nuanced persona-title matching. The willingness to incorporate feedback and the ability to source hard-to-find data of their ideal customer proved to be key in Signifyd’s ability to grow.

In Signifyd’s early growth stages, it was a volume game: find highly-targeted leads and put them in the hands of their sales team. As they matured their process, however, they found that they couldn’t reach the audiences they wanted just by looking at pre-existing databases.

In the video below, Stefan Nandzik, VP of Marketing at Signifyd, discusses how LeadGenius’ ability to source hard-to-find data with human intelligence makes has help Signifyd achieve their goals.

Identifying prospects that match a buyer persona is not just a matter of finding individuals with the right job titles.

As Stefan says, “A persona is a creative definition.”

A persona is descriptive, somewhat subjective, and, at times, can be a bit nebulous. An effective persona will not likely line up exactly with standard data points in your CRM or marketing automation software (MAS). “Go find us job titles X, Y, and Z and we’ll have the right personas — that’s just not the way it works,” says Nandzik.

With the added layer of LeadGenius validating personas and enriching data with human intelligence, the Signifyd sales team has seen their productivity grow and their sales velocity increase.

“The main thing that automated data enrichment won’t do is it won’t apply human intelligence.”

“I would recommend LeadGenius if you want to sell to an audience that’s not covered by standard databases out there… the other main challenge I would recommend LeadGenius for is if you need human intelligence or assessment to determine whether a prospect is a fit or not. For many businesses, it’s not black and white.”