“It’s been really exciting to see LeadGenius develop into a full-stack solution.”

One of the biggest challenges for any startup is sales growth — not just generating more revenue, but also creating a sales process that scales smoothly as the company expands outward from every angle.

As a firm that invests in the earliest stages of venture creation, Bee Partners knows precisely how important it is to add stability to the sales process. Predictable lead volume and quality is just as important to a pre-seed startup as it is to a Fortune 500.

As a value-add to their portfolio companies, Bee Partners created the LeadGenius Portfolio Project. The LeadGenius Portfolio Project starts Bee companies off on the right foot by supplying them with targeted, high-quality leads and direction for using these leads effectively for account based marketing, especially in an outbound context.


“We’ve partnered with LeadGenius to provide our companies with a mechanism to increase their growth, both in the existing verticals that they’re really good at, as well as experimenting with new growth channels,” says Michael Berolzheimer, Founder and Managing Partner at Bee Partners.

As Michael points out, an account based strategy is not just for bigger businesses. ABM can be a powerful way for a B2B company of any size to secure the right accounts, faster. Bee Partners has encouraged all their portfolio companies think about pursuing an account based marketing and sales strategy from the start.

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By using LeadGenius, Bee Partner portfolio companies have been able to accelerate their growth by not only acquiring more customers and winning higher value deals, but also by signing customers that are less likely to churn.

“That’s what LeadGenius does. It helps identify a great fit between customer and vendor,” says Berolzheimer. “The result has been overwhelmingly positive with respect to our companies’ experience with LeadGenius, their team, and the support they provide.”

LeadGenius helps high-growth companies scale their outbound ABM tactics. Get started with LeadGenius today.