Even full-funnel B2B marketers can have tunnel vision sometimes. A deep view of the target account’s buying process is a common blind spot.

The larger your Total Contract Value (TCV) — the longer your sales cycle, the more decision makers involved with a purchase — the more important it is for B2B marketers to have a deep understanding of not only their own company’s selling process, but also the buying process of target accounts.

An implicit, but sometimes unspoken, element of building actionable Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a rich understanding of your target accounts’s buying process. This piece of the puzzle isn’t necessarily overlooked, forgotten, or ignored by marketers; it just happens to get absorbed into larger conversations about targeting, decision makers, differentiation, objection handling, etc..

Pausing to shine a light on the buying process helps marketing and sales teams know how and when to reach out to the right people at scale.

In this whiteboard video, J. Ryan Williams, VP of Sales at LeadGenius, offers a high-level overview of how the B2B selling process maps to the B2B buying process.


It can be easy to forget that the “linear” selling process does not typically map to a straight line through your target accounts.

Depending on the product and commitment required, the buying process can contain quite a few zigs and zags.

When building your target account list, ask yourself,

With a deeper understanding of the buying process, coupled with quality data, you can be confident that you are targeting the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time.

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