The Hidden Reality of Tech Layoffs: Top Executives Are Doing Just Fine

January 11, 2024

As the tech industry continues to grapple with the impact of the pandemic, we're seeing headlines about mass layoffs at some of the biggest companies in the sector. Intel, Paypal, Google, Meta, and Amazon are just a few of the firms that have announced job cuts in recent months, as they adjust to the realities of a more uncertain economic landscape.But there's a story that's not being told in all of these headlines. Behind the mass layoffs, there's a different trend emerging: the scramble to attract and retain the best top-management talent. Companies know that to compete in the post-pandemic world, they need the best leaders at the helm. And executives, in turn, are seeking new opportunities to further their careers and work for companies that are innovative and forward-thinking.Where is all this top talent going? We've analyzed the migration of high-level executives at Amazon, Salesforce, and Meta over the past year. What we've found is that executives are leaving these companies for new opportunities, both within and outside of the tech sector. And that's not surprising, given that in tough times, top tech management is in high demand.Established players like Google and Microsoft, for instance, are using this moment to scoop up talent from companies like Meta, Amazon, and Salesforce. These firms know what it takes to survive in down economic cycles, and they see this as an opportunity to bring in top executives who can help them stay ahead of the competition. In short, while the tech industry may be facing tough times, the best and brightest executives are doing just fine. They're finding new opportunities to further their careers, and they're helping to drive growth and competitiveness in the tech sector. Whether you're a company looking to attract top talent or an executive seeking a new opportunity, this is a moment of great opportunity in the tech industry. So if you're looking to get ahead, now is the time to make your move. Click here to view the data for yourself and request your own copy of talent tracking. We have also compiled some insights below that help to illustrate where talent is moving during these volatile times.

Meta Top Talent

TikTok and Apple, both looking to expand into the AR/VR space, are bolstering their efforts with top Meta talent. Meta also saw its top talent migrate to Spotify, Netflix and YouTube while media companies work to define their next-generation services.

Meta Layoffs

Notable mover:

Carolina CeballosThe former Deputy Chief Compliance Officer left Meta to become the first dedicated Chief Compliance Officer at Paxos.

Thanks, Amazon!

Google, Microsoft, Meta and Apple scooped up talent from Amazon. While Target also bolstered its operating team with key Amazon departures. JP Morgan, UPS and FedEx…

Amazon Layoffs

Notable mover:

Alicia Boler DavisFormer Deputy Chief Compliance Officer Facebook PaymentAmazon’s former Senior Vice President Global Customer Fulfillment joined Alto Pharmacy as Chief Executive Officer.

Scooping up Salesforce

Salesforce experienced a wave of departures to Google, Microsoft, ServiceNow and Workday

Sales Force Layoffs

Some interesting movers:

Angelique de VriesThe former CEO for Northern Europe left Salesforce to become President of EMEA at Workday.

It’s Going To Be Just Fine

The musical chairs game resulting from the war for talent in the tech industry seems unaffected by the global economic downturn. The migration of management talent from Salesforce, Amazon, and Meta in the past 12 months is a testament to the rapidly evolving nature of the tech industry and the need for top tech management talent in every industry. Despite the shifting landscape in the tech world, new opportunities and challenges continue to arise and look for one thing: top management talent.Winter is coming, but the truth is that top talent in the tech industry is doing just fine. Get the data

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