7 Ways To Diagnose Your Sales & Marketing Data Decay

Like bananas, your customer data starts out green, begins to yellow, and before you know it it's attracting flies. Data from LeadGenius shows that the average B2B sales and marketing database decays at over 3% per month —across all industries. Without action, over a third of your business contacts can go out of date each year, including key company information, personal details, and most importantly, accurate contact information.

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Free Tool For Estimating B2B Database Decay

This week, LeadGenius launched a free B2B Database Decay Calculator. Customer data decay is the natural and consistent degradation of company information (firmographic data), personal details (demographic data), and most importantly, accurate contact information (phone numbers and email addresses). Sales and marketing databases decay for a variety of reasons including hires, separations, promotions, company restructuring, growth, mergers, and downsizing. Sales and marketing teams depend on accurate customer data for automation and efficiency. Inaccurate customer data results in poor targeting, increased manual touches by reps, and wasted opportunities.

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9 Use Cases For Inbound Lead Enrichment

A study of 61 million customer records by NetProspex reveals that 84% of marketing databases are barely functional. 88% of those same customer records lack basic data such as industry, revenue and employee fields. Inbound form fields never tell the whole story. In order to maximize the value of costly marketing automation software, marketers need to actively enrich customer records for key data not captured through web forms. Inbound lead enrichment is one way companies can ensure that their marketing automation machinery works efficiently from inbound to close.

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11 Custom Data Points Powering Successful Solar Lead Generation

Solar is a noisy industry. New players enter the space every day and pepper consumers with the latest and greatest offers. To cut through the ever-increasing marketing cacophony, selling solar hardware has to be highly-targeted, personalized, and scalable. Here are 11 key data points you can use to power your next outbound B2B solar campaign.

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The 4 Pillars of Lead Quality

In engineering it is commonly said that “quality drives productivity.” In computer science they say “garbage in, garbage out.” As sales and marketing professionals begin to operate more like scientists, “quality leads equal business success” has become their new mantra. Without high quality data, marketing automation systems limp along and CRMs begin to sap more of your team’s time than they save. Quality is a perceptual, conditional, and subjective evaluation. A lead is a collection of diverse data points. So what exactly makes a high quality lead?

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