How Data Is Being Used To Go Small & Niche Right Now

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Vertical Specific Data
SMB Data
May 17, 2024

In this engaging conversation with our host Donald Kelly, Derek sheds light on the evolving landscape of sales, emphasizing the critical importance of niching down and mastering your industry to build robust pipelines and seal more deals than ever before. He'll also tackle the pressing challenges within the SaaS sector, from streamlining customer interactions to managing the increasingly demanding roles of sales representatives.

But that's not all – Derek will unveil the latest sales data trends that are reshaping the industry, including the shift towards verticalization and the strategic focus on SMBs to fuel revenue growth. Plus, he'll share actionable insights on how sales leaders can harness data effectively to turbocharge their team's performance.

Why should you listen? Because understanding and utilizing your sales data is the key to unlocking unprecedented growth for your business. Whether you're a sales newbie or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with valuable strategies and tips to help you refine your approach, enhance your sales process, and ultimately, achieve your sales aspirations.

So, gear up for a deep dive into the world of sales data with Derek Rahn on “The Sales Evangelist Podcast.” Tune in now, and let's explore how you can transform data into your most powerful sales ally.

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