Where the Jobs Are: 10 E-Commerce Companies That Are Defying Tech Industry Layoffs.

January 22, 2024

Every week it seems there’s yet another announcement about Tech industry layoffs. No one seems immune, from Amazon to Meta to Glassdoor and Microsoft, it seems the majority of tech companies are on a layoff spree. On this, the first week of spring, we wanted to be more optimistic and find out where people are hiring, where the jobs are.

We analyzed 2,000+ companies to find out which companies are hiring. We found that despite economic woes, E-Commerce companies continue to boom and are fueling their growth by hiring top talent.

E-Commerce companies are not only surviving but thriving, and they are in need of talented individuals to help them continue their growth. Here are 10 E-Commerce companies that are defying tech industry layoffs growing their team over the past year::  

  • Black Crow AI -  The marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize ad campaigns and increase sales raised $25M and grew its team by 73%.
  • Mutiny - The e-commerce personalization tool that helps businesses improve customer experience raised a $50M round and doubled its workforce.
  • Logiwa - Which helps companies scale high-volume fulfillment operations raised a $10M Series B and grew its team by 53%.
  • Hotjar - Which provides behavior analytics and feedback tools to help businesses improve their website user experience and conversion raised $10M and grew it team up 51%
  • Simpl - The payment solution that enables users to pay for online purchases in installments grew its team by 65% after raising $40M.
  • Cashfree Payments - Which provides a digital payment gateway for businesses in India. grew its team by 58%.
  • Justpay - Which Offers a secure and easy-to-use payment platform for businesses. Grew its team by 45% after its $60M Series C.
  • Commercetools - Used its $140M Series C for its cloud-based platform for e-commerce businesses to manage their online stores to grow its team by 45%.
  • MoEngage - The AI-powered marketing automation platform grew its team by 25% after its $77M Series E.
  • Cash App - The mobile payments platform grew its team by 51%.

Get the full data behind our analysis of 2,000+ e-commerce companies.

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