B2B Database Decay Calculator

How healthy is your customer data?

Customer records naturally decay. Hires, separations, and company restructuring are just a few reasons why CRM and marketing databases degrade. The average B2B database decays at over 3% per month -- across all industries. Without action, over a third of your business contacts can go out of date each year, including key company information, personal details, and most importantly, accurate contact information. Modern sales and marketing teams depend on accurate customer data for automation and efficiency.

Estimate B2B contact database decay for your industry below.

* Calculations based off 2014 Bureau of Labor & Statistics data and LeadGenius data.

Decay formula: P(t) = P 0 e -rt

1 Month Decay:
100 Leads
1 Quarter Decay:
275 Leads
1 Year Decay:
900 Leads

Accurate Contact Records Remaining

Estimate your company's information on the left to calculate how many of your customer records decay monthly, quarterly, and annually.