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Content engagement rates dipping, website bounce rates rising and connection rates declining are all early warning signs that something isn’t working in your outbound marketing and lead generation efforts, and it’s time to take a deeper look at your data and your data provider.

LeadGenius Forbes 2018: What B32B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Marketers

LeadGenius announced that Santosh Sharan, a technology industry executive with extensive experience in B2B data solutions, has joined the company as Chief Operating Officer.

LeadGenius Forbes 2018: What B32B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Marketers

About to implement or refine your ABM campaigns? Here’s a checklist specifically for the critical data segment of your ABM strategy.

LeadGenius Forbes 2018: What B32B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Marketers

So, here’s a dirty little secret: the companies that fail to build a successful sales pipeline almost always believe that buying a good list of prospects will fix their business.

LeadGenius Forbes 2018: What B32B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Marketers

At a simplistic level, generating engagement from your targeted personas comes down to a list, creative, an offer and timing.  I contend that a list, or more accurately, just-in-time-data is most important because, without accurate and relevant data, the other elements of a B2B demand generation campaign are completely marginalized.

LeadGenius Forbes 2018: What B32B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Marketers

Until recent history, there have been two types of internet companies: Those with the eyeballs, and those tracking the eyeballs. Sometimes you get the behemoths that do both, such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. (Full disclosure: Facebook and Google are customers of LeadGenius.)

LeadGenius Forbes 2018: What B32B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Marketers

Over the last decade, we’ve seen the rise of inbound marketing. From those martech companies that have pushed it on us through content hub models and keyword-based content to the small or medium-sized businesses trying to drive more leads, inbound marketing has taken over.

LeadGenius Forbes 2018: What B32B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Marketers

While business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing has embraced the power of data, business-to-business (B2B) marketing has been surprisingly slow to catch on. Companies that want to compete in the B2B marketplace need to be as sophisticated as their B2C cousins by using data to accurately target and market to potential customers.

Use Custom Data for Sales Success

A common marketing strategy, especially in recent years, has been the spray-and-pray approach. Getting your message and your product in front of as many eyeballs and into as many ears as possible doesn’t really work, though.  What works is leveraging quality custom data, for targeted B2B marketing says, Brett McBee-Wise, Vice President of Product, LeadGenius


The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Berkeley, California. In doing our research, we considered several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Revenue potential
  2. Leadership team
  3. Brand/product traction
  4. Competitive landscape
leadgenius inc

“LeadGenius is an example of a mission-first business, with its platform combining artificial intelligence with human resources to support business-to-business sales and marketing teams. The company has teams of skilled researchers operating in 41 countries… leading the movement to define fair work best practices in the digital economy.”

leadgenius inc

In the high-pressure world of venture-backed tech startups, no one wants to talk about the stress that’s burning out young founders and executives, leading to disillusionment and preventing young companies from reaching their full potential.  Prayag Narula, Founder of LeadGenius, gets honest about his journey and gives tips to avoid the common emotional pitfalls of being a startup founder.

sf biz times

“Poor B2B data has always been an accepted limitation of marketing and sales software,” said McBee-Wise. “LeadGenius has changed that. With the combination of machine learning and real human researchers, LeadGenius makes data a force multiplier for sales and marketing teams, rather than a handicap.”

sf biz times

“Brett McBee-Wise brings his extensive background in martech products and UX development to the LeadGenius executive team. He will work with LeadGenius to create an innovative new type of data product that the market craves.”

leadgenius inc

“Consistent volume, customized data points, and quality-assured information is just the beginning. LeadGenius helps companies like Square test and capture new verticals by adding agility to the company’s entire go-to-market strategy.”

enrepreneuer leadgenius

“Purchasing a list of B2B sales prospects is a shortcut to nowhere…According to LeadGenius data, more than one-third of a business’s contacts become outdated each year.”

market wired leadgenius

LeadGenius today announced that Mark Godley, a technology industry executive with extensive experience in marketing and sales, has joined the company as President. “

inc leadgenius

“LeadGenius can save your sales team hours of manual searching for target clients, giving them a solid pipeline to work with — one which they can add custom details to any time they wish. This leaves them plenty of time to focus on discussing sales and closing deals.”

inc leadgenius

“LeadGenius is the ideal marketing and sales solution for B2B businesses, with teams at some of the largest B2B tech companies relying on it. LeadGenius maps a business’s total addressable markets, then lets users create custom data points to micro-segment their target market.”

inc leadgenius

“LeadGenius can improve [outbound lead generation] dramatically, using a combination of human and artificial intelligence to identify leads. With this tool, you’ll be able to optimize your leads for LTV at the top of the funnel with a plan that helps you reach the ideal market for your brand.”

forbes leadgenius

“LeadGenius specializes in identifying and presenting leads to fit today’s data-driven business world. In addition to cleaning and growing a business’s contact database, LeadGenius identifies key decision makers at each business, even presenting multiple contacts in applicable situations.”

martech advisor leadgenius

“To find the right targets, LeadGenius loads a client’s current CRM lists. It analyzes these for accuracy and completeness, providing users with reports that highlight problem areas… LeadGenius then identifies major file segments within the customer base and finds similar companies in the broader universe, estimating potential buyers and revenue by segment.”

silicon angle leadgenius

“Historically, lead generation has been a highly manual process involving human research and categorization, but LeadGenius applies AI to this process to significantly reduce the labor involved, saving customers like fraud prevention solutions provider Signifyd lots of time and money.”

yahoo finance leadgenius

“LeadGenius is a lead generation and nurturing tool that makes it easy to scale an account-based strategy. One of the easiest ways CMOs can grow an account-based marketing strategy is through the use of outbound email.”

yahoo finance leadgenius

LeadGenius today announced that Qin Zhang has joined the company as Vice President of Engineering. ‘Qin will focus on scaling the LeadGenius engineering team and the core machine learning technology powering the LeadGenius platform,’ said Prayag Narula, CEO of LeadGenius.”

silicon angle leadgenius

“LeadGenius will use the capital to broaden the capabilities of its sales automation platform, which promises to drastically reduce the amount of manual work involved in researching prospects. All marketers have to do is specify what segments they wish to target and let the service do the rest.”

venturebeat leadgenius

“LeadGenius has now raised more than $22 million in total funding…LeadGenius’ customers range from Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Square, Box, and eBay, to rapidly growing companies, such as Weebly, NerdWallet, and CareerArc.”

forbes leadgenius

“There are a few bona fide leaders in the industry that have emerged in recent months… LeadGenius wins outbound efforts by pinpointing all of the key decision makers at each organization.”

demangen report

“LeadGenius helps companies connect with decision-makers through automated emails… Six months ago, the company generated about $10 million in pipeline for its customers via Nylas, but that number has skyrocketed.”

yes! magazine

“When three graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley, launched LeadGenius in 2011, they looked at companies like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, where labor was often anonymous or unskilled. But because of the complexity of LeadGenius’ work generating sales leads for corporate clients, the company required skills, consistency, and strong communication in its workers.”

“LeadGenius helps customers find likely sales leads and reach out to them with automated emails. The company says revenue increased 6x in the past 20 months, with customers including eBay, Box and Weebly.”

“LeadGenius helps sales teams manage their prospects. Sales teams use the software to plan and implement outreach, including email campaigns for sales involving multiple decision makers.”

“In December, [LeadGenius] was dubbed by Silicon Valley Business Journal as the second hottest Bay Area Startup with less than $10 million in funding. It has doubled its revenue each of the last three years.”

“LeadGenius’dramatic rise has been driven by the company’s unique combination of machine learning technology and human researchers to gather and quality-assure B2B contact data. “

LeadGenius Press

“Instead of waiting for companies who may or may not be a good fit to inbound, marketers can use the LeadGenius platform to connect with decision makers that are most likely to buy a product using personalized email sequences.”

LeadGenius Press

“High-quality leads are essential to any outbound marketing strategy. LeadGenius uses a company’s ideal customer profile to find the businesses that are most likely to fit its products or services and then gathers contact information for each business.”


“LeadGenius not only provides an up-to-date list of high-quality leads, but those leads can also be built with just about any custom data point you want.”

“LeadGenius delivers high-quality leads based on a business’s target market, sourcing information from public and private data sources. LeadGenius’s researchers personally select new leads, letting you put your own research time toward calling on prospects.”

San Francisco Business Times LeadGenius

“LeadGenius ‘is saving me so much time that would have been spent trawling Google, LinkedIn, etc.,’ Livett said. ‘They save me 15 hours a week.’

Livett, a sales manager at fraud prevention company Signifyd, has been using LeadGenius for two years.”

LeadGenius Press

“LeadGenius uses innovative technology to deliver the highest-quality contacts to businesses based on their ideal account profiles. LeadGenius’ ability to deliver custom leads at scale will boost your marketing team’s contact database, giving you an edge over the competition, no matter what your industry.”

“If your company’s sales team isn’t converting leads at the pace you want, it’s time to look toward the superheroes of the sales world: SDRs… LeadGenius can help SDRs prospect for and qualify leads more effectively.”

LeadGenius Press

“LeadGenius uses a global network of more than 500 skilled researchers in 40 different countries to train a machine learning system for B2B sales… LeadGenius also automates email outreach for sales teams by using a combination of human and machine intelligence to read sales emails and sort through the responses.”

LeadGenius Press

“LeadGenius uses a unique combination of real human researchers and machine learning to help businesses scale their lead generation. With researchers in more than 40 countries, 53 percent of whom have college degrees or higher, LeadGenius has been able to outpace competitors that rely on software alone.”

NYT LeadGenius

“The National Domestic Workers Alliance, which organizes nannies and housekeepers, recently produced what it calls the Good Work Code, which it has urged gig economy companies to adopt… A handful of firms, like Managed by Q, LeadGenius and CareLinx, have embraced the guidelines.”

LeadGenius Press

“LeadGenius has emerged as a category leading tool in the sales stack. Over the past three years, LeadGenius has grown from a Y Combinator-backed start up to an essential lead generation and outbound solution for some of the biggest names in the game. Mattermark recently named LeadGenius the second-fastest Silicon Valley startup with under $10 million in funding. LeadGenius uses a network of human researchers, machine learning, and their own lead database to help B2B sales and marketing teams identify and connect with their most profitable potential customers.”

“‘Lead enrichment is the process verifying and enhancing customer information coming in from various sources, eliminating outdated entries, and adding key fields to your database,’ says Prayag Narula, CEO of LeadGenius, a company that specializes in lead generation and lead enrichment.'”

“If your team does not have the time, resources or expertise to manage an outbound email campaign, a service like LeadGenius can do it for you. LeadGenius finds companies customized, high-quality leads but also manages first-touch outbound sales and marketing campaigns using its own email tool. This way, you control your campaigns without having to do the heavy lifting.”

LeadGenius Press

“You may be surprised by just how quickly your database is becoming outdated. LeadGenius offers a B2B database decay calculator that helps businesses estimate their data decay by industry. Often businesses are surprised by the results they see.”

“As A/B testing has matured, brands have increasingly begun turning their attention toward strengthening their leads databases. ‘Leads quality is the most important thing B2B companies can A/B test,’ says Prayag Narula, CEO of LeadGenius. ‘Lead quality has the most direct impact on sales and marketing efficiency, so why not compare how well your leads perform based on where they come from?’ “

LeadGenius Press

“In just ten years, most salespeoples’ jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence. This bold prediction was made by LeadGenius co-founder Anand Kulkarni, who has been tracking dramatic innovations in the tools sales teams now use to locate, interact with, and close leads.”

“Tools such as LeadGenius offer fully managed outbound services including custom lead generation and targeted email outreach for the same monthly cost as an inbound marketing automation system such as HubSpot, Pardot, or Marketo.”

“Berkeley-based LeadGenius was founded by Anand Kulkarni, Prayag Narula and Dave Rolnitzky. Their sales acceleration business was ranked the second-fastest growing early stage startup in the Bay Area by Mattermark.”

LeadGenius Press

“Unlike many other tech-based tools, LeadGenius has human beings comb databases and verify the information inside them. Using logic and reasoning that only humans possess, the LeadGenius team is able to readily identify contacts that are the best fit for a particular product or service.”

“Sales and marketing teams waste countless hours each week researching potential leads on social channels, sorting through bad customer records, and manually updating their database. LeadGenius shoulders this heavy lifting for you. It’s the opposite of DIY.”

“As Prayag Narula, CEO of LeadGenius says, ‘Fresh, accurate, in-depth customer data is the lifeblood of modern sales and marketing.’ If this feature goes through, businesses will be able to not only get that up-to-the-minute data, but can also cut out the step of directing customers to a website for signups, increasing the likelihood they’ll participate.”

“High quality leads facilitate better reporting, automation and segmentation. LeadGenius is a solution that helps you consistently identify your best possible buyers and add high-value data points to your existing customer records.”

“Research is time-consuming, as is the basic data entry into Salesforce and other platforms; yet another problem with the masses of available data. This is why Anand Kulkarni pivoted his crowdsourced data-research company Mobileworks to become LeadGenius.”

“A company called LeadGenius, which started out as a crowdsourced data-research and assistant service, pivoted to focus on a combination of dispersed workers and big data technology to pull together “deep” leads. These are effectively the people who aren’t just a good potential sale, but the right person, at the right company, in the right place, with the right needs to fit you.”

“Most salespeople know that bringing a customer who will actually want your product is the best way to sell something. LeadGenius takes this a step further by employing a globally dispersed, vetted virtual workforce to fill your sales pipeline.”

“LeadGenius’ services allow you to focus on what is important, phone calls and in-person interactions with the same customers that you have previously spent most of your time looking for. Using a combination of crawlers and real human beings, LeadGenius curates leads for you.”

“LeadGenius receives $6 million in Series A funding. Over the past year, the 12-person LeadGenius team grew revenues three-fold and secured 120 customers. Part of that growth contributed to large contracts, made possible by the solution’s ability to scale on-demand.”

“Anand Kulkarni’s [LeadGenius] seeks to bring employment to veterans and other groups in need.”

“A Berkeley-based startup is trying to change the way the world works. Its clients can be anywhere and its employees are everywhere. It’s a new company that’s on a job-sourcing mission and it’s called [LeadGenius].”

“[LeadGenius], founded by CEO Anand Kulkarni, is used by 70 different companies around the globeincluding big names like Xerox and eBay, and connects them remotely to more than 20,000 workers with the skills needed for contract projects.”

“Anand Kulkarni, the chief executive of Berkeley, CA-based [LeadGenius], thinks sales reps can outsource the mundane parts of their job and focus on the glad-handing that wins accounts.”

“Anand Kulkarni, the chief executive of Berkeley, CA.-based [LeadGenius], thinks sales reps can outsource the mundane parts of their job and focus on the glad-handing that wins accounts.”

“[LeadGenius] CEO Anand Kulkarni discusses putting the underemployed to work with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s Money Moves.”

“I often find myself pressed for time. Wouldn’t it be great to be in two places at once, being twice as productive? This is where a company called [LeadGenius] comes in extremely handy. It’s a crowdsourced virtual personal assistant platform that funnels your tasks to workers around the world based on who’s best equipped to handle them for you.”

“Other crowd-working platforms have already taken some of these issues to heart. “We started as an effort to create a worker-friendly crowdsourcing platform, specifically as an alternative to systems like Mechanical Turk,” says [LeadGenius] co-founder Anand Kulkarni.”

“[LeadGenius] was founded in 2011 by a team of business-management experts and crowdsourcing researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. The company’s technology allows enterprises and startups alike to crowdsource work without the usual overhead of monitoring accuracy and setting up jobs.”

“Together with co-founder David Rolnitzky (35), the three under-30s founded [LeadGenius]. The firm links thousands of workers from underemployed and bottom-of-the-pyramid communities with short-duration jobs sourced from Fortune 500 companies and small businesses in the United States.”

“Apple’s virtual personal assistant, Siri, may never sleep, but it also lacks the smarts of a real personal assistant. A human assistant, in contrast, can work on much more complex tasks but comes at a much higher price. A new alternative, called Premier, aims to surpass them both. Premier was developed by [LeadGenius], a crowdsourcing company, which is currently testing the new assistant with some existing customers.”

“Kulkarni hopes to solve this problem by having his startup [LeadGenius] train workers to guarantee quality, and by breaking down projects into micro-tasks to lift less-skilled workers onto their first rung. Tasks range from transcribing hedge fund forms to generating sales leads.”

“[LeadGenius] set out with a different approach (and a social mission)to pay workers fair wages and create a collaborative online work environment in which micro-work would become less anonymous and more like a self-organizing virtual office.”

“Stephanie Hamilton is part of something larger than herself. She’s part of a computer program. The 38-year-old resident of Kingston, Jamaica, recently began performing small tasks assigned to her by an algorithm running in Berkeley, California. That software, developed by a startup called MobileWorks, represents the latest trend in crowdsourcing.”

“MobileWorks is looking to go global with its operation. ‘We are investing heavily in expansion this year worldwide, but we have a particular interest in Jamaica due to its proximity to the United States and the opportunity for us to provide an outsize economic impact in line with our social agenda’.”

“Jamaicans who can do work for minutes or hours each day from their personal computers or mobile phones are eligible for participation in the workforce being created locally by the California company MobileWorks in a deal brokered with the Jamaican Government.”

“One Hub startup called MobileWorks is “building a sustainable crowdsourcing platform that lets underemployed individuals throughout the world earn a fair wage completing crowdsourcing jobs.”

“Finally, there’s a new player called MobileWorks; it’s a Y Combinator-backed startup that offers digital work to underemployed people in India and Pakistan, but with an emphasis on tasks that don’t require a computer and can be completed using only an Internet-connected mobile phone.”

“The startup makes it possible for programmers to build human intelligence into their software using crowdsourcing—the practice of parceling out relatively small parts of a larger problem to many different people over the Web.”