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The world’s fastest growing startups and Fortune 500s use LeadGenius to power their Sales and Marketing strategies.

Watch the extended case study with John Kelly, Head of Sales at eBay, here.

“For me, LeadGenius is a highly efficient extension of our sales team. They enable me to focus more of my time on ‘selling’ rather than on research and cold reach- outs.”

Sales Manager
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“The biggest benefit of using LeadGenius was using the services during our soft launch. We were able to connect with our target audience, under the radar and find out what worked and what didn’t.”

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“LeadGenius helped us locate key customers by identifying verticals that work.”

Business Development Manager
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“The ability to adjust lead generation criteria on-the-fly with our LeadGenius account rep is critical for us. We’re learning new things every single day about our customers and LeadGenius makes it possible to turn those insights into new leads.”

The Qzzr Cowboy
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“The LeadGenius data is far better than anything I have ever used. It’s amazing.”

Digital Marketing Manager
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“We were trying to identify who the ideal target was for our new product. LeadGenius enabled us to iterate on our campaigns as we learned. Instead of just going out and buying a list, we were able to hone in on the important criteria. LeadGenius changed with us over time. That was very helpful.”

Executive Vice President
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