How to Create a Content Experience Designed for Lead Generation

Content marketers hear one question all the time: “So, did it generate leads?” With targets to hit and a hungry sales team to feed, we’re constantly trying to figure out how to generate more leads and (more specifically) how to squeeze more leads out of a piece of content by adjusting the headline, experimenting with content length, and so on. But what if your lack of leads isn’t your content’s fault?

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How To Scale Outbound Sales – LAUNCH Scale [Slides]

Inbound and content marketing takes between 6-9 months to see positive movement. Most companies don't have that type of runway. When done right, outbound sales are immediate, predictable, consistent. In this presentation from the @LAUNCH Scale Conference, Prayag Narula, CEO of @LeadGenius, discusses a scalable formula for targeted outbound sales.

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Prospecting On The Playa: 19 Tips To Network & Generate Leads At Burning Man

Now called “the next frontier of marketing”, the lead generation potential of Burning Man cannot be overestimated or ignored. Every company worth its sand has already been planning their Burn-based sales and marketing strategy for months, but nonetheless, here are a few last minute tips to maximize your lead generation effectiveness in Black Rock City.

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9 Use Cases For Inbound Lead Enrichment

A study of 61 million customer records by NetProspex reveals that 84% of marketing databases are barely functional. 88% of those same customer records lack basic data such as industry, revenue and employee fields. Inbound form fields never tell the whole story. In order to maximize the value of costly marketing automation software, marketers need to actively enrich customer records for key data not captured through web forms. Inbound lead enrichment is one way companies can ensure that their marketing automation machinery works efficiently from inbound to close.

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Outbound Sales At Scale [Slides]

LeadGenius Chief Scientist, Anand Kukarni, speaks at the Senator Club in San Francisco about "Outbound Sales at Scale." LeadGenius builds lead generation programs for everyone from the world's fastest growing startups to the Fortune 500. In this presentation, Anand discusses what’s working and what’s not with outbound sales models industry-wide.

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Where You Should Invest After Your Next Funding Round

The unspoken secret in the investment community is that many plans are written for the express purpose of funding. Actual execution of that plan will rarely look like the pitch deck you used to get the money. It’s time to revisit that plan and take practical steps toward building your billion dollar business. There are only 3 things in that plan that matter long term...

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Account Based Strategy (Or Bust) For HR Lead Generation

HR Professionals get mobbed by salespeople like zombies swarm the living in B-movie horror flicks. Our HR Manager counted 87 marketing and sales emails last week. Effectively selling into HR requires clear organizational visibility for targeting decision making panels (not just individuals) and audience segmentation for more relevant messaging. Here's how your lead generation strategy targeting HR should be structured...

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11 Custom Data Points Powering Successful Solar Lead Generation

Solar is a noisy industry. New players enter the space every day and pepper consumers with the latest and greatest offers. To cut through the ever-increasing marketing cacophony, selling solar hardware has to be highly-targeted, personalized, and scalable. Here are 11 key data points you can use to power your next outbound B2B solar campaign.

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